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Purity. Simplicity. Pleasure. These are the guiding lights of Isle Handcrafted. We believe that simple pleasures are often the richest and most enduring. And that nature serves up the best of them. So we strive to keep the ingredients in our candles simple, natural and pure. 


That’s why we use sustainably sourced soy wax, organic cotton wicks, and scent combinations created with 100% pure essential oils drawn directly from the source. 






Sometimes an idea can sneak up on you, like a scent you can’t quite put your finger on - until you can. 


It was late summer in northern Italy, and a local farm - that’s it, above - was selling fresh bergamot. The scent of ripe citrus was invigorating. Back at the ramshackle mountain house we were staying in, the bergamot mingled with the subtle notes of the geraniums growing in the yard. I sat under the gentle September sun, with the two scents playing on the breeze, and started daydreaming…


Now when I light one of our Bergamot & Geranium candles and close my eyes, I’m transported to that beautiful place.


I really hope you find our products just as evocative, inspiring, and relaxing. 

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Today our candles are created in the coastal town of Tynemouth. Nearby are miles of sandy beaches and the wilds of the Northumberland countryside, all abundant with natural ingredients that continue to inspire our creations.






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