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  • How do I care for my candle?
    Soy wax has a 'memory' therefore it's recommended, when first lighting your candle, that you allow it to burn for a minimum of two hours. This will prevent a 'tunneling' effect in the wax, enabling you to enjoy your candle for longer. For optimal burning trim your wick to 5mm before lighting. Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. Never allow your candle to burn for longer than four hours.
  • Are Isle Handcrafted candles hand poured?
    Yes. All our candles are hand poured in small batches. Because of this, there may be slight variations in finish from batch to batch. In this way - every one of our candles is unique!
  • Are Isle Handcrafted candles vegan?
    Yes! We've taken great care to ensure that the few ingredients that go into our candles are vegan friendly.
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